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Discover the latest news from Apollo Cardiff, plus key issues influencing the logistics industry.

Christmas Opening Hours

Monday 9th December 2019

With only 16 days to go until the main event, we thought we would make our lovely customers aware of our opening hours over the festive season......

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Christmas Logistics!

Wednesday 4th December 2019

For many businesses Christmas is their busiest time of the year with peak trading time fast approaching. It is key for businesses to plan far enough in advance looking at past trends and stock already held and ordered. Even if you don't get it right this year you can start early for next year's busy periods. It is not just planning the logistics of the sales stock, point of sale material and advertising material it about carefully planning how you will meet your customers expectations at this peak selling time. Often contingency planning is essential to your success at peak trading times with the consideration of weather; one off sale days and demanding customers. Customers do not understand the various logistics…

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Getting your small business Christmas ready in 5 simple steps

Thursday 28th November 2019

🎄Get prepared: This step may seem like a given, but it's easy to let time slip away - suddenly it's mid-December and you haven't put anything in place. For some small businesses, Christmas can be the busiest time of the year, while others, like us, may find that things quieten down in the run up to the new year. Whichever it is for yours, you need to plan accordingly - especially when it comes to finances. If you know budgets are going to be tight over the coming months, make sure you put off any non-essential spending until things start picking up again. Remember you'll need to pay your tax return at the end of January, if you haven't already, so keep money…

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Whats The Difference Between a Parcel Carrier And A Courier?

Friday 22nd November 2019
Apollo Distribution Cardiff

It's a common misconception that parcel carriers and courier services are exactly the same. However, the two are actually slightly different. So, before you decide which company to select for your parcel delivery needs, it helps to know the difference between the two services. What are parcel and courier services? Parcel carrier services are typically designed to deliver small individual parcels to customers and clients. Courier services on the other hand provide a much wider range of services. They specialise in bulk and heavy parcel orders. It is a more bespoke service.The reason many people get confused is because many local courier services like Apollo Distribution also offer parcel delivery and collection services. So, what exactly are the differences between the two? Understanding…

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Apollo Holiday Planning

Thursday 21st November 2019
Ensure your collections and deliveries for the holidays

How are you dealing with Brexit ?

Thursday 17th October 2019
Are you ready for Brexit?

Uncertainty still exists regarding the UK's departure from the EU, and it is difficult to tell how this will affect the general public and business, especially with movement of goods within the EU. Here are a few basic things that you can do to prepare 1. Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. These need to be obtained if you are exporting or importing any goods outside the EU. This relates to any taxes or duties that will be paid relating to the import/export. If you do not have an EORI number, you can apply via the Government portal [] which is free. 2. It is highly likely that customs documents will be required for all exports and imports. Apollo…

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Guidelines to Packaging

Friday 12th January 2018
How would you package your parcel to send?

Guidelines For Packaging Items Safely and Securely For Transport Whether you are sending a package for business or personal reasons, domestic or international, whether it arrives on time shouldn't be your main or only concern. Making sure it arrives in one piece with no or minimal damage to the packaging should be something high on your priority list. There are a number of issues that could arise from an incorrectly packaged parcel. The contents could be damaged, an item may become lost from the packaging breaking open, or the package may not be deliverable at all. Remember, your package gets handled by multiple people, arriving at several depots along the way, and although great care will be taken in handling your parcel,…

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Christmas Opening Schedule

Wednesday 29th November 2017
Christmas Opening Schedule

Check out our Christmas opening time. We are open 24/7 for same day deliveries!

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Why would you use Apollo?

Monday 2nd October 2017

You've seen the advert - Man with van! - What more could you want? It has taken a lot of hard work to produce your consignments for your clients. All you need is it to be delivered in one piece, safe, dry, intact and on time. Well, if your consignments are important to you, if your deadlines need to be respected, it's worth using the services of a well-respected, reputable provider that has been in the market place for over 22 years. Take a look at some of the considerations - all of which we have covered here at Apollo Distribution Solutions: Our vehicles are •Safe and suitable for the roads •Regularly serviced up to date models •Fuel efficient for more cost effective…

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Whats in a Name??

Thursday 4th May 2017

Your company name - it says a lot about you - or at least it ought to. And we were just talking in the office this week about some of the names of our clients, and how they came about. And then we started to talk about more famous names - like Lego (Derived from the Danish words leg got, or to "play well") or IKEA (It's an acronym standing for Ingvar, Kamprad, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd. Ingvar Kamprad is the name of the founder, Elmtaryd was his family's farm and Agunnaryd was the village where Kaprad grew up.) Then there are other companies choosing names that can't be pronounced, or are often misheard over the phone - how much time is spent by…

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