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Whats in a Name??

Whats in a Name??

Thursday 4th May 2017

Your company name - it says a lot about you - or at least it ought to.

And we were just talking in the office this week about some of the names of our clients, and how they came about.

And then we started to talk about more famous names - like Lego (Derived from the Danish words leg got, or to "play well") or IKEA (It's an acronym standing for Ingvar, Kamprad, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd. Ingvar Kamprad is the name of the founder, Elmtaryd was his family's farm and Agunnaryd was the village where Kaprad grew up.)

Then there are other companies choosing names that can't be pronounced, or are often misheard over the phone - how much time is spent by staff just spelling their company name each time they talk to someone?

Of course we all want to be different, to stand out from the crowd and have a name that no one else thought of. But when people try to be clever and think too hard, they can complicate what should be a simple process.

So, what makes a good name? Should it be short, should it be long, should it say what you do, or be the name of the owner? John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Laura Ashley did OK didn't they!

And future proofing the business is a key consideration - look at Car Phone Warehouse they don't sell car phones any more!

Yet they still seem to be doing OK, but it's not ideal is it.

Thinking of using abbreviations? Avoid if you don't have a big budget for marketing, it takes some work (and marketing spend) to explain what XYZ Ltd actually does!

So, how did we come to have the name Apollo Distribution Solution's Cardiff? Well, we wanted something that does what it says on the tin! You know instantly we are based in Cardiff, we are local, we provide distributions, and the word "solutions" suggest that we are here to help.

The "Apollo" was inherited from a franchise that started us off over 21 years ago, when our lovely company was born. We then changed our name to Hays Apollo. Our brand name has and always been Apollo and we go by the watch words "on time every time".....its what our customers want, and we strive to deliver.