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Guidelines to Packaging

Guidelines to Packaging

Friday 12th January 2018
How would you package your parcel to send?

Guidelines For Packaging Items Safely and Securely For Transport

Whether you are sending a package for business or personal reasons, domestic or international, whether it arrives on time shouldn't be your main or only concern. Making sure it arrives in one piece with no or minimal damage to the packaging should be something high on your priority list.
There are a number of issues that could arise from an incorrectly packaged parcel. The contents could be damaged, an item may become lost from the packaging breaking open, or the package may not be deliverable at all. Remember, your package gets handled by multiple people, arriving at several depots along the way, and although great care will be taken in handling your parcel, taking a few extra minutes to think about and plan the packaging of your item can make a huge difference.
Pick a box strong enough for your item and whenever possible, try to use a new box. Used boxes may have already been compromised and weakened on their previous journeys. Also, try to get a box that fits the item comfortably, but doesn't leave too much space surrounding it. Ensure any space in the box is filled with an appropriate packing material such as bubble wrap or foam. If you are sending multiple items, make sure there is plenty of padding between each item and whenever possible, try to put heavier items in the base of the box and lighter ones towards the top. Again, make sure all voids are filled with appropriate packing materials. Be sure to seal your box fully along all joins, seams and edges with strong parcel tape or similar. Display delivery address labels and other documentation clearly and in a prominent position on the box.
Always read any instructions or guidelines given to you by your chosen carrier carefully, but here is a handy list of packaging Do's and Don'ts to help you out

Packaging Do's
Use a new, strong box
Use plenty of internal packaging
Use strong parcel tape
Print the address clearly
Print two delivery labels when needed and place one inside the box
Weigh and measure your parcel after packing it to avoid additional costs
Attach any customs documents to the outside of the box
Remove any old or unnecessary labels from the box

Packaging Don'ts
Attach multiple parcels together
Use household sellotape
Use old or damaged boxes
Use packaging that cannot handle your load
Substitute 'Fragile' or 'Handle with Care' for good packaging
Write the value on the box - just include it on the booking