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Christmas Logistics!

Christmas Logistics!

Wednesday 4th December 2019

For many businesses Christmas is their busiest time of the year with peak trading time fast approaching. It is key for businesses to plan far enough in advance looking at past trends and stock already held and ordered. Even if you don't get it right this year you can start early for next year's busy periods.

It is not just planning the logistics of the sales stock, point of sale material and advertising material it about carefully planning how you will meet your customers expectations at this peak selling time. Often contingency planning is essential to your success at peak trading times with the consideration of weather; one off sale days and demanding customers.

Customers do not understand the various logistics options open to them and how this will affect the price of delivery and transit times. Customers often leave ordering items until the last minute at the busiest times and still expect a speedy delivery. A bad customer experience at busy periods can affect a businesses reputation and have long-lasting adverse effects. If you import or export within the EU or Worldwide you need to ensure that you leave enough lead time for the goods to enter the country so that is does not affect your stock levels at busy times. Often delays can happen when exporting and importing due to customs screening delays and the volume of traffic entering the country. Booking way in advance gives you peace of mind rather than missing out on sales.

Managing promotions/stock
Stock needs to be managed across multi channels such as online distribution centres, stores, click and collect etc. retailers need to ensure their promotions, messaging and delivery options don't promise anything that cannot be delivered

It is vital for retailers and suppliers to collaborate with their logistics partners to ensure stock is where it needs to be delivered. Open communication and data sharing across fulfilment chain is required to cope with additional demand.

Forecasting should be regularly reviewed to ensure warehouse space and delivery capacity

During peak times such as Christmas there is little, or no extra capacity should there be an increase in volumes. Although, many dedicated couriers provide flexible transport solutions to absorb these increases.

Is it important to consider returns and it is important to manage, and process returns quickly to encourage customers to re-purchase and get the items back out for sale?

How can Apollo Distribution Solutions help you!
Do you have necessary storage space and transport contracts in place to cope with peak demand? At Apollo our logistics expertise comes from 25 years of experience working in partnership with our clients. We provide a flexible service that work with clients to ensure that your items are delivered "On Time Every Time" even at peak periods of the year. We ensure continuity of supply and excellent customer service with a personal approach.
Always ask yourself - What experience does the delivery company have of working in your sector?

Why not use a company that tracks all your items for you and tells you when they have been delivered, rather than you use extra resources to track these items and have to resolve any issues yourselves? Your customer experience can pave the way for further orders throughout the year if it is a positive one.

Remember todays consumers want more than one option of how they receive their goods and offering a standard delivery service is no longer enough. The key is to offer convenience around the consumer from standard next day services to timed next day deliveries and specific dedicated Same Day services. Only make commitments you can keep; this is why Apollo Distribution Solutions is available 24/7 365 days of the year to handle your freight.