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How do you stand out from the rest?

How do you stand out from the rest?

Thursday 15th September 2016

Many businesses spend thousands of pounds trying to make, import and sell their products without considering how they will get these items delivered to their clients and the overall customer experience. Every business tries to control the customers experience via ads, websites and services - However, do you know what happens to the goods once they leave the warehouse? Do you know how the items are protected?
Many companies don't understand the basic facts of packaging, tracking, paperwork and profitability.
So be Careful! Choosing the wrong shipper can mean your customer may suffer a poor experience, resulting in the cancellation of an order! This can reduce repeat business and generate negative reviews and comments on social media platforms.

Packaging and Marketing

With the increase in online purchases companies have to ensure that their items arrive in one piece, on time and with additional aftercare to ensure repeat business. Companies are going above and beyond to exceed expectations by including a voucher, thank you note, branding on the delivery box or delivering the item before it is expected.
Packaging is another effective way to increase your brand awareness and make sure that the items don't get damaged in transit. How often have you received a (personal?) delivery of a small item in a huge box with an excessive amount of packaging with nothing to illustrate where it's from?
Why not think about the following items to ensure repeat business and reduce the amount of items being damaged in transit:
 Name and website printed on box or on a leaflet inside
 Discount offer for future purchases
 Suggest alternative purchases
 Discounts for sharing experience on social media
 Use packaging as an extension of the quality of your brand

Packaging Options

There are hundreds of options to ship items depending on the nature of your consignments from bulk cargo on pallets, light weight boxes, wooden crates and padded envelopes. There are new innovative ideas being introduced to the market place which can reduce your courier costs, especially when sending large volumes out daily, so be sure to always review your packaging! Do not make the mistake of using inappropriate packaging for the item being shipped resulting in the package being damaged and the inability to claim on the insurance.

Courier Service

Remember! Not all couriers are the same! It's not as easy as using one man and their van as your default driver assuming that your parcels will be delivered on time, every time. Care must be taken to choose the correct courier by ensuring that the drivers are vetted and trained to ensure that your items are in safe hands. Most couriers will provide goods in transit insurance cover as standard which will cover articles that are being shipped.
What other services do you expect from your courier?
Here are a few services that Apollo can provide:
 24 hours a day 365 days a year
 Same day dedicated vehicles from small vans to artics
 Nationwide couriers with other offices based throughout the country
 Experienced staff and well trained drivers providing an efficient service
 Overnight services from parcels to pallets
 International services - Worldwide via economy or express service
 Dedicated vehicle cover of £10,000.00 per vehicle as standard!
Your goods are important to you, so why not ensure that you get the best services with a courier company that will look after your interest's at the most cost effective way. As a family run business in the market place for 21 years, we know how hard it is to be competitive and provide the best service to your client's. Apollo will always ensure that we treat your customer's the same as you like to be treated yourself. What lengths will you go to to ensure you have the best courier available?

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