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Discover the latest news from Apollo Cardiff, plus key issues influencing the logistics industry.

Apollo delivery service Christmas opening times

Tuesday 29th November 2016

Find out when your items can be delivered safely! Same Day Dedicated Open 24/7 365 days a year from Small Van - Artic …

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Are you ready for Christmas? - Apollo Courier Service is ready to help

Thursday 17th November 2016

Its 6 weeks before Christmas and it is essential to get your planning right for the festive period, to ensure stock levels and make the most of your marketing campaigns. There is usually an influx of sales orders online and through the market place, so you must ensure a good system is in place to handle the extra demand. You need to forecast your needs in advance, update figures and re-stock so that levels do not dwindle. This can be achieved with a stringent system in place, historic usage and clear and up to date supplier lead times together with a precise delivery date and time. Many companies have either been stock piling items ready for Christmas or have a…

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How do you stand out from the rest?

Thursday 15th September 2016

Many businesses spend thousands of pounds trying to make, import and sell their products without considering how they will get these items delivered to their clients and the overall customer experience. Every business tries to control the customers experience via ads, websites and services - However, do you know what happens to the goods once they leave the warehouse? Do you know how the items are protected? Many companies don't understand the basic facts of packaging, tracking, paperwork and profitability. So be Careful! Choosing the wrong shipper can mean your customer may suffer a poor experience, resulting in the cancellation of an order! This can reduce repeat business and generate negative reviews and comments on social media platforms. Packaging and Marketing With the…

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How can freight forwarders save you money and time?

Friday 15th July 2016

Companies always stick to the same carrier they have always used, but as the market is so volatile these days how would a specialist freight forwarder save you time, hassle and cost to export? When you contact a specialist forwarder they provide you with specific knowledge that no call centre can provide. Before the shipment is sent, each client is aware of what information is needed to facilitate the smooth delivery of each consignment. As a freight forwarder, Apollo would complete all relevant paperwork and commodity codes to reduce clearance times and often can utilise their accounts through a brokerage service to pay any duties for shipper or receiver to get the items released immediately. Most carriers expect their clients…

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Why would you pick Apollo as a Delivery Service?

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Established in 1995, we have demonstrated 21 years of expertise in the logistics field. We provide a bespoke and robust logistics plan to suit your every need, from same day dedicated vehicles through to international shipments Worldwide. We can also help you to archive any files with our secure Cardiff storage facility. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we can guarantee a time-definite and dedicated service to ensure that your items are delivered "on time every time". From small vans to artics we have a vast range of vehicles available to our clients. Apollo also considers more cost effective way of sending less urgent items with our combined fleet and chosen partners. From overnight door to door deliveries to…

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Misconceptions of the Logistics Industry

Friday 27th May 2016

Logistics is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, whether you are a service provider or a client that uses the service. There are various categories and ways to move goods from a one man band to a multi national corporation. It is plain to see that even large providers rely on numerous suppliers to move goods and this requires co-ordination between the buyer, supplier and carrier. Buyers are concerned with their delivery, the carrier is juggling other customer's loads from bulk consignments all over the world to ensure delivery to the end recipient. All companies operate across multiple supply chains and how they operate can vary enormously, but the end result must be to deliver the consignment "on…

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The Uberfication of Logistics

Thursday 5th May 2016

The Uber model is becoming essential for businesses to implement into their supply chains. Customers crave the ability to order items for fast delivery and arrange shipments with ease; it is abundantly clear that the Uber model facilitates this desire. Uber itself has recently launched UberRUSH as an accessible courier service in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Customers can use the app to find vehicles in their area, specify their bespoke needs, organise an efficient service, whilst tracking their consignments. Drivers can then sign up and work under Uber, maintaining their own working schedules. What's the catch? Plenty of other companies have capitalised on the same model since and have proved very successful. However, many concerns have been raised regarding…

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Final Mile Logistics: Droid Technology

Monday 25th April 2016

Aside from rigorously discussed delivery technologies such as drones and driverless vehicles, many claim an oversight with regards to droid technology. These delivery robots have recently gathered much interest and perhaps offer an alternative means of final mile delivery during a period of further research and development of more far-fetched logistics. Last mile delivery has long been an area of discussion for urban transport and logistics planners. With a particular emphasis on London, highly congested areas make for a logistics nightmare. Consignments can travel long distances but spend 80% of their transport time sat on overcrowded roads. This, of course, raises additional environmental issues. UK cities are under pressure to expand and grow. With more and more deliveries piling in, air…

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Apollo on Pinterest

Thursday 14th April 2016

We're pleased to invite you to join us on Pinterest! As well as plenty of images from Apollo HQ, we're featuring infographics to break down complex logistics issues, supply chain tech and industry news! Follow our account and we'll follow you back on all of your social channels.

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Easter Bank Holiday Delivery Information

Thursday 24th March 2016

We hope you have a lovely Easter break! Remember, all of our same day services run 24/7, 365 days a year. We're available all weekend and no current bookings will be affected by the bank holiday. However, overnights and internationals are delayed by bank holiday hours. Any consignments picked up Thursday (24th) will not be delivered until next Tuesday (29th) - so please bear this in mind when you book with us this week! Contact us here at any time over the long weekend for any bookings or inquiries.

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