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Our clients are loyal and understand the necessity for an efficient, professional and reliable courier service. We have testimonials from the users of all our different services, take a look below:

We have some unusual requests to ship items Same Day, Next Day or further afield and they always help us find the quickest or cheapest way of delivering our equipment. They are always available and will to help.

Exhibition Company

Fantastic job done! We had been let down by a courier who was brining items back to us from Reading, but Apollo saved the day by collecting the items within 30 minutes and got them back to Cardiff before close of business on a Friday night.

Building Material Supplier

I have used Apollo for over 15 years and they have continued to provide a first class service. They will always suggest an alternative way of delivering an item that is more cost effective and it is always delivered on time.

Manufacturing Company

"When I started using Apollo I was also using another courier company but, due to the speed of service and knowledgeable staff giving me expert advice in order to meet my deadlines, I would not use any other courier company. I have also recommended Apollo to other companies."

A Printing Company

"I am always working to tight deadlines and have to get exhibitions set up throughout the UK and Europe and have always relied on Apollo to ensure delivery on time. Last time they saved me a great deal of money by providing a dedicated vehicle to Europe rather than shipping my items abroad in bespoke crates."

An Exhibition Company

"I have been using Apollo for a number of years and know that I can get my items delivered whether I am sending them for delivery same day, next day or to another country. Their knowledge is immense, they complete all the paperwork, track my shipments and provide me with management reports at the end of each month."

A Law Firm

"Our company works on a 24 hour basis and therefore requires a courier company who is always available, even at 02.00am. I like the fact that we can ring the same number in the day that we do in the early hours and we always get through. They have never let us down."

A Manufacturing Company

"When I'm under pressure I feel assured that with just one phone call Apollo will meet my deadline no matter what I'm sending."

A Large Insurance Company

"We have utilised Apollo when storing large quantities of archive files. Apollo operates a professional service and is expertly tailored to our specific needs."

From a Union

"We have been using Apollo for about 10 years for distribution and storage. We keep a number of box files in storage; the system works well and we are able to access our files easily, often delivered the same day. When we phone they know exactly what I am talking about and deal with it quickly."

A Large Law Firm

"Apollo is friendly and quick to respond to all our requests for delivery and pick up of files and storage boxes. They give an excellent service at a fair price and we plan to continue to use Apollo as our service provider for the foreseeable future."

A Consulting Civil and Structural Engineering Company