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With the outbreak of Covid 19 comes the realisation that life will not be the same for some time and may even change the way we work in the future. As a family run business operating in the market place for 25 years, we have learnt that by developing a good working relationship with our clients and ensuring our continued support during this difficult time, we can all work together for everyone to provide a service or product that is second to none.

As a nation we have left the EU and is continuing to develop working relationships with other countries. We as individuals should look at helping small, medium and large British businesses get back to maximum capacity once this pandemic is over.

Why can’t we think British first? Why can’t we look to buy locally? Why can’t we support all the small businesses rather than the national chains?

If we support our small and medium firms who help their communities, reduce our environmental footprint and boost our economy at home we will become stronger together.

With so many items being bought online, here is my guide to buying local and supporting your community:

  • Learn about local businesses and the bespoke services that they can provide
  • Shop locally, which often provides products and services that have been manufactured locally, produced locally and will continue to support you locally in the future. Often the products and services are of much better quality and sustainably grown i.e. you know where your products have come from and how the service sector is operated.
  • Online isn’t always the cheapest or the best and shopping locally can often give you a better service especially after purchase. Independent businesses offer personality and character with a greater and more personal shopping experience, often imparting their years of knowledge.
  • Independent businesses bring much needed originality and variety to your community.
  • Eat locally, which often gives you more choice that is fresher and a friendlier atmosphere to enjoy your evenings out or takeaways at home.

These factors create employment for local people and provides a close community and a cleaner environment.

All this depends on exactly which local businesses are available in your local town and what relationships you have developed with local businesses.

When you invest money in your local economy you are not just helping local business owners – you are making your town a better place to live.

Which local businesses do you visit regularly?