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Why choose local courier rather than large carriers?

With costs higher than ever, and more demanding clients, why do SME businesses choose to use local courier companies rather than large carriers?

1 Delivery cost considerations

Local courier services offer more competitive rates for smaller businesses, especially for local deliveries. Major carriers often tie customer to tariff rates for a minimum period of a year and expect a certain amount of business. If you fail to maintain the amount of businesses over a period of weeks they increase the costs. Local companies often provide a bespoke service and will review costs regularly to be more cost effective. Apollo can provide a vehicle from anywhere in the country from small vans to artic lorries. 

At Apollo we do NOT add any fuel surcharge to our invoices, so the price that you are quoted is the price you are charged. There are no hidden fees!!

2.  Personalised service

Local family run courier companies often  provide a more personalised and flexible service. SME's often value the ability to build relationships and receive more attentive, customised services tailored to their specific needs.

3. Faster and more reliable local service

Local couriers like Apollo have a better understanding of the local area and clients requirements, resulting in quicker and more reliable deliveries, leaving businesses to focus on serving their clients.

4. Ease of communication:

Small companies offer easier communication channels, 24/7, 365 days a year with experienced staff to assist on one number. This gives clients the ability to resolve any issues directly and book last minute collections and same day deliveries.

5. Specialized services:

Local couriers offer specialised services and expertise that cater specially to the needs of certain industries and last minute orders. This specialisation can be beneficial for SME's with unique shipping requirements.

6, Flexibility in scheduling:

Local companies are more flexible in terms of pickup and delivery times, allowing businesses to accommodate specific business hours and customer expectations.

7.Reduced paperwork

Major carriers often have extensive bureaucratic processes and standard operating procedures. Smaller companies are more agile which make it simpler to make changes, navigate the shipping processes and at Apollo we complete all the paperwork and track every item until it is delivered.