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Changes to International shipment process since Brexit.

We have lived in a Brexit World for some time and the rules are continuously changing. Do you know all these changes and how it affects your deliveries?

1. Customs Declarations - Shipments between the UK and the rest of the World require customs declarations. This means that importers and exporters require certain information and provide additional paperwork to facilitate the movement of goods.
2. Tariffs and Taxes- Tariffs and taxes may apply to shipments between countries depending on the nature of the goods and trade agreements in pace. Businesses need to be aware of these additional costs when looking to export or import.
3. Border checks - Customs checks at the borders have increased, leading to potential delays in the movement of goods and businesses requiring businesses to factor extra times for shipment.
4. Regulatory changes - There are now separate regulatory frameworks for goods entering the UK, EU and rest of the World. This includes standards for product safety, labelling and citification. Businesses need to ensure compliance with bot clearing out of UK and into recipient country.
5. Vat changes - Value Added Tax rules have changed for shipment between the UK and EU. Businesses may need to register for VAT in both regions and adhere to different VAT regulations. Companies need to ensure that they have registered with HMRC for an export licence. (EORI)
6. Customs Clearance Services -  Many businesses have had to invest in our outsource customs clearance services to navigate the new requirements. Apollo completes all paperwork and ensures clearance out of UK and into delivering country.
7. Transportation Costs - Shipping costs have increase for some routes due to additional paperwork, customs fees and delays.

These changes have required businesses to adapt their processes and strategies to continue to trade smoothly.

Apollo is a brokerage services that looks across the board and passes the volume discounts onto its customers. If you send items with a particular carrier you are tied to one fixed rate and transit time. If you choose to use Apollo we get the best price and fastest transit time depending on your requirements. We also complete all your paperwork and track your items from collection to delivery. If you have any hold ups in customs we advise and assist to get them released at the earliest possible time.