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Trust – it’s the one overriding factor that determines the success or failure of a business relationship. When choosing a delivery partner, it’s paramount.

Deliveries that arrive on time, intact and by a personable driver, are more likely to result in you being paid on time. Queries of any sort can be used as excuses to delay payment and missed deliveries can even put your reputation on the line.

So, if you’re shopping around for a new courier, here are some questions we think you should ask, to put your potential partnership to the test:

Will your new courier company provide:
A close knit team who will build close relationships with you, to get to know your needs, your regular runs, specific requirements for certain customers and the preferred size of vehicles you need?
An acknowledgement of order, with a rapid response, so you know the job is taken care of?
A timely POD so you can rest assured the goods have arrived, been signed for and are with the right person?
Assurance that a responsible person will signs for the goods, and that they are directed to the named recipient – not just left behind a desk in reception?
A call when there’s a failed delivery, perhaps because there’s no one at the destination, they’ve all gone home, or the recipients are refusing to accept the goods?
Advice on wrapping fragile goods before they are moved, and will use extra foam and strapping to ensure no slippage during the journey?
A call to you if the vehicle has been held up due to road works, an incident on the road, or poor weather conditions?
Fully trained, careful, professional and courteous drivers who will represent your company well when they deliver into your customers’ premises?
A well-maintained fleet of vehicles to ensure excellent road-worthiness, reliability and safety when on the roads?
Some couriers may struggle to answer all of these questions to your satisfaction. At Apollo Distribution Solutions Ltd we welcome such scrutiny, so we can reassure you of our credentials and reliability as your chosen courier.

Why not call us on 02920 796100 to put us to the test, we’d welcome your call and the opportunity to provide you with excellent customer service.

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