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Did You Know We Are Parcel Brokers As Well As Dedicated Couriers?

When choosing a company that offers shipping services, one question often arises. What to choose, a parcel broker or a courier company? And what exactly is the difference between those two?  Well here at Apollo Distribution Cardiff, we not only offer dedicated deliveries, in which we perform the services our self, we also offer a parcel brokerage using a number of shipping operators that we have relationships with.

As a parcel broker, we can match the demand with the supply. We deal with high volumes of deliveries, and in turn this increases our bargaining power when negotiating the rates with the external service providers.  In short, we do the hard work for you and look for the best price to send your parcel.  We pass on any discounts we receive and in turn save you money.  It is easier for us as a parcel broker to receive a lower rate for shipping services than it would be a single company that has a lower volume of shipping. 

By using such platforms, we can provide you with a single price depending on the selected route, dimensions and weight of the parcel.  On placing your order, we can provide you details of which carrier we have used and also track your packages on our live system.  We constantly monitor the performance of our external carriers and have quality control systems in place internally.

So next time you have parcels to send out, please get in touch. Let's see what we can do for your business.