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Green Growth Pledge

Apollo has pledged to reduce its carbon foot print by adhering to the follow guidance

1. Monitoring of energy levels in the office with the use of a smart meter.

2. Swapping old light bulbs with modern LEDs, turning off lights when not in the room and motion sensors in corridors and bathrooms.

3. Reduce the time in which heating is used, move cabinets so they don't block radiators and turning down radiators

4. Turn off equipment when not in use

5. Engage staff to safe energy  - put up posters and monitor consumption

6. Reduce waste in the office by going paperless or asking employees if they really need to print or can they save

7. Any printing should be double sided to reduce the amount of paper used

8. Use suppliers that us recycled packaging and only have one central waste point in the office 

9. Compost any waste from employee lunches

10. Plan drivers Deliveriess to use the quickest routes and when at all possible return vehicles to starting point fully loaded.

11. Suggest alternatives to client to make their delivery requirements more cost effective which will reduce their carbon foot print