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How will EU digital changes affect your shipments abroad?

Implementation of European Control Systems

The European Union is moving towards a fully digital data driven environment, and have implemented phase 2 of their new security screening system. To meet these customs and regulatory changes, data quality is imperative. Regardless of their value, all goods transported by air to (or transiting via) the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Northern Ireland must undergo release 2 screening.

As a result all planes could be re-directed to fly through any EU country at any given time. Therefore, all shipments regardless of their origin or destination could be delayed due to these regulatory changes. 

When sending items abroad they will be subject to pre-loading security screening, and the pre-arrival security filing messages (which must be submitted to country customs). This means that if a shipment is missing any of the following information then the filing cannot be submitted which will delay your shipment.

Collection details: address, telephone number, emails
Delivery details: address, telephone number, emails
EORI number
Country of origin
Commodity Code
Harmonised System (HS) code
Value of each item
Reason for export
Confirmation if this is a temporary export

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