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Myths In The Courier Industry

We have all heard our fair share of stories about couriers over our time, some of which are slightly worrying to say the least! While there are some bad courier services out there, it would be wrong to assume all couriers are the same. In fact, many companies have formed close relationships with their courier service provider, and work with them repeatedly to ensure business runs smoothly at all times. 

Here are some of the biggest myths that are currently circulating about the courier industry – and the real truth of the matter!

Couriers are expensive
This is perhaps the most common myth of them all. Many people assume that there’s an excessive surcharge for courier delivery, especially for same day services. The reality is, the best couriers, like Apollo, will do everything in their power to make prices as fair and realistic as possible, because the goal is to form long-term relationships with clients. That wouldn’t be possible if their prices were sky-high.

Couriers are untrustworthy 
It seems everyone has a bad story about a parcel delivery: they’ve had a package chucked over their garden fence; a “sorry we missed you” slip delivered straight through the door while they were home; a damaged item arrive, and so on. It’s important, in this case, to differentiate between standard mail and courier service. A courier is far less likely to be lazy or sloppy with your order, and a good courier certainly wouldn’t want to let you down on your delivery. 

Couriers offer limited delivery
When you imagine parcel deliveries, you probably get the image in your mind of a neatly packaged rectangle that can easily slot into the back of a delivery van. While this may be the easiest parcel to deliver, couriers are happy to deliver all number of parcel types, from hazardous chemicals and dangerous items, to bulk orders of crates or pallets. You’re definitely not limited in parcel type when it comes to courier delivery. 

Couriers get lost easily
Again, almost everyone has a story about a courier who hasn’t been able to find their address, and has eventually given up on parcel delivery. This can hardly be used to stereotype all couriers, as the best couriers can combine up-to-date GPS tracking with their own general knowledge to deliver to even the most remote of addresses. A driver should always know exactly where they’re going, and “getting lost” is a poor excuse for a failed delivery. 

Couriers are no quicker than my own staff
When you manage your own business, there’s a temptation to try and do everything yourself. You might think that you or a member of your staff could easily deliver a parcel at the same speed as a courier – but no matter how quick they can be, this lost time will impact the productivity levels in your own workplace. While it might be fine to send a member to staff down the road, any further away and they could easily hit a (literal) roadblock. What you’d planned to be a half-hour task could easily take all morning.