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Plan for Christmas and avoid disappointment.
Planning for Christmas is a challenging time to ensure that your items are delivered on time, due to the volume of items going through any shipping system.
We have put together some information that may assist to ensure that your clients and customers are happy and your items are delivered on time:
1. Start your preparation early
Christmas is a busy shipping season with thousands of parcels going through the sortation system. Many carriers get overwhelmed with the number of packages going through the system every 24 hours which can delay many deliveries.
2. Communication with clients
It is important to check deadlines and if at all possible send items out 48 hours in advance to ensure that deadlines are met.
3. Full delivery details
Full delivery details with contact name and telephone numbers can ensure contact with recipient should there be an issue with finding the address or gaining entry to premises.
4. Packaging
Properly packaged items will ensure that they are protected during transit and will ensure that they are not damaged together with the correct labels.

How does Apollo ensure your items are delivered "On Time".

1. Customer Services
Our experienced staff and drivers are in place to handle any inquiries or last minute deliveries. Our staff are trained to provide essential assistance to ensure that your items are delivered urgently same day, overnight or to another country.
2. Contingency Plans
We have contingency plans in place for extreme weather conditions or delays due to sheer volume of items in the system. 
Apollo has vehicles on standby and based throughout the country to ensure that a vehicle is always close to the collection point. Whether it is being sent on a same day or overnight we can always assist.
3.Monitoring and Reporting
Unlike many carriers, at Apollo we complete all your paperwork and book all your courier requirements by our experienced team. We will track your item, advise of any issues and monitor EVERY shipment until it is delivered. 
4. Availability
Don't forget we are always at the end of the phone, one number 02920796100, 24/7 365 days a year.
5. Fleet
Our fleet ranges from small vans to Artic lorries for urgent deliveries, together with the capabilities to send less urgent items overnight or Worldwide.