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Our Van Sizes

Our fleet or vehicles allows us to provide a wide range of services from Same Day Delivery to International Delivery according to your needs.

Small Van Size

 1m high X 1m wide X 1.5m long max weight of 450Kgs

Transit Van Size

1.74m high X 1.53m wide (between wheel arches) 2.8m-4.6m long max weight 1.1 ton

Luton Van Size

Dimensions: 2.2m high X 2.2m wide X 4m-5m long max weight 2 ton (vehicles have box or curtain side with or without tail lift)

7.5 ton Lorry Size

 Dimensions:2.3m high X 2.4m wide X 5m-6m long max weight of 2.4 ton (If the vehicle does not have a tail lift or a curtain side often the fork lift truck

18 Ton Vehicle Size

Dimensions: 2.5m high X 2.4m wide X 7.43m long max weight of 10 ton

26 Ton Artic Vehicle Size

Dimensions: 2.5m high X 2.5m wide X 13.3m long max weight of 15 ton